A mobile statistical analysis platform

The “R” Statistical Analysis tool-chain provides an open, extensible environment for statistical computing and graphics which has been the traditional vehicle for statistical computing world-wide. Its popularity is largely attributable to its high extensibility and the availability of thousands of packages and libraries developed by a vibrant community of academic and non-academic users.

The tool-chain provides a host of packages for statistical testing, time-series analysis, data manipulation, plotting and graphical visualisation, data extraction and cleaning, linear and non-linear modelling, classification and clustering. Often, R is used to develop models incorporating machine-learning techniques.

We have now made this tool-chain available on an Android-based mobile platform. So a reasonable level of on-the-go statistical computing and graphical visualisations can be done on smart-phones or mobile tablets.

This merger between statistical computing and mobility is expected to result in the development of the next generation of smart mobile applications.

Potential use-cases for the mobile statistical analysis platform

Mobile decision support in public health
A clinical decision support tool for front-line doctors
A diagnostic assistant for the health-worker
Front-line data collection, trends analysis and response management
Real-time disease outbreak detection
Disaster management in the field
Mobile analytics in financial inclusion