SmartWallet, an Electronic Wallet of Virtual Currencies

The “SmartWallet” is an electronic wallet application being developed at the Digital Innovation Lab as an application that leverages the block-chain technology infrastructure to achieve the goals of security, transparency, non-repudiability and scalability of transactions within a closed block-chain of registered stake-holders comprising funding agencies, service providers and consumers or target beneficiaries. The electronic wallet is capable of handling several “virtual currencies” or “virtual tokens” that may be used for payment of specified goods and services within a closed eco-system. Virtual tokens can be defined for any use-cases and multiple use-cases can be... Read more

mCollect, a Mobile Data Collection Platform

Often, pen-and-paper based surveys are used for field work but there are many problems with such manual techniques. Managing the logistics of paper transportation limits the scalability and flexibility of such approaches. But mobile technology has now matured to a level where the use of electronic forms on mobile devices offers significant advantages. mCollect is a mobile data collection platform which facilitates the development and deployment of complex forms and provides all of the advantages of a contemporary electronic data collection platform along with a host of other useful features... Read more

R Statistical Analysis package on Android-based Mobile Platform

The “R” Statistical Analysis tool-chain provides an open, extensible environment for statistical computing and graphics which has been the traditional vehicle for statistical computing world-wide. Its popularity is largely attributable to its high extensibility and the availability of thousands of packages and libraries developed by a vibrant community of academic and non-academic users. The tool-chain provides a host of packages for statistical testing, time-series analysis, data manipulation, plotting and graphical visualisation, data extraction and cleaning, linear and non-linear modelling, classification and clustering. Often, R is used to develop models incorporating machine-learning techniques... Read more