Design of Smart contracts in closed loop (green) supply chain of menstrual hygiene products.

Adolescence is the duration of biological and psychological human development from childhood into adulthood characterized by physical and interpersonal changes from ages 10 to 19. During this critical transition, adolescent girls undergo menarche, the onset of menstruation, the age at which, differs by ethnicity, geographical area, race and other factors. As a result, each month adolescent girls and adult women have found different methods to cope with menstruation until reaching menopause, essentially designing personal ways to manage their menstrual hygiene. While menstruation is a natural physiological process in females, in some cultures it is... Read more

Using block-chains and smart contracts for transfer of benefits in the menstrual hygiene eco-system

Menstrual hygiene is being given a lot of importance in the recent times by the Government of India because of the problems faced by rural women due to unsafe hygiene practices and limited access to products for sanitary hygiene. In this context, there is interest from potential funders such as corporate entities through their corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds, as well as the Government, for providing subsidies on sanitary pads to rural adolescent women. The DI Lab is working on a complete system for distribution of menstrual hygiene pads, the main component being an electronic wallet application that will allow for the various stake holders in the supply chain to transact using a special token called, “Packet of MH Pads”. Read more

Schemes Discovery Application

Governments traditionally provide social benefits to their citizens through various schemes from time to time. Such schemes could be either centrally sponsored, or state-specific or in a joint collaboration between the Centre and the States in a federal environment. For example, multiple schemes are available in various areas like farming, education, tax incentives, education of the girl child, healthcare, general hygiene etc. to provide the developmental benefits to the common man. Most schemes are generally designed to help marginalized sections of the population or other segments of society to overcome poverty situations, enable them to earn livelihood, lead a... Read more

A platform framework for managing CSR funds

The objective of this project is to develop a proof-of-concept solution that uses block-chain technology for the management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds which have to deployed in government-mandated areas of social sector development. This involves stake-holders such as i) Government agencies which approve specific areas for deployment of CSR funds, ii) Corporate entities which provide the CSR funds for deployment in government-approved social-sector schemes, iii) The target beneficiaries of a specific intervention promoted and funded by a specific corporate entity, iv) Case workers who directly interface with beneficiaries within their local communities Read more