Schemes Discovery Application

Governments traditionally provide social benefits to their citizens through various schemes from time to time. Such schemes could be either centrally sponsored, or state-specific or in a joint collaboration between the Centre and the States in a federal environment. For example, multiple schemes are available in various areas like farming, education, tax incentives, education of the girl child, healthcare, general hygiene etc. to provide the developmental benefits to the common man. Most schemes are generally designed to help marginalized sections of the population or other segments of society to overcome poverty situations, enable them to earn livelihood, lead a dignified life or secure their future. Some schemes are designed to improve capacity or enhance skills in certain areas. However, the success of any scheme is dependent on the number of people who are able to avail of the scheme and derive positive benefit as per the stated objectives of the scheme.

The following two challenges can make it difficult for people to avail the benefits of schemes:

Challenge of Discovery
Lack of awareness about schemes amongst the target populations
Challenge of Navigation through Eligibility Criteria
Given the complexities of eligibility criteria of a typical scheme, it can be difficult for a potential beneficiary to figure out if he/she is eligible to avail of a particular scheme or not

We are developing a proof-of-concept solution called “Schemes Discovery Application” using deep-learning techniques, to empower the common people to discover all schemes they might potentially be eligible for and to enable them to avail the benefits of schemes to meet their personal, family or community needs in the short or long term.

The potential features of this Schemes Discovery application are:

Automatically discover or identify a sub-set of schemes that best fit an end-user profile
Provides guidance on how to apply for the identified schemes