Prof. Moutusy Maity

Professor Moutusy Maity is a collaborating researcher at the Digital Innovation Lab at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore where her main focus is on digital marketing at the bottom of the pyramid. She is the principal investigator of a research study on the evaluation of a technology intervention in a supplemental nutritional programme amongst rural lactating mothers, and in another research study on delivery of financial literacy content to rural participants through mobile technology.

Dr. Moutusy Maity is an Associate Professor of Marketing Management at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM-L). Prior to joining IIM-L, she was Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B), and at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI, USA.

Dr. Moutusy’s research interests are in the areas of consumer interaction with technology for e-commerce and m-commerce, customer relationship management, and technology adoption at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) in developing countries.

Her work uses a variety of methodological techniques, including experimental designs, structural equations modeling and meta-analysis. Her research has appeared or is forthcoming in leading refereed journals including Journal of Retailing, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development and Journal of Marketing Channels.

Moutusy has a PhD from the University of Georgia, Athens, USA, an MBA from the University of Calcutta, and an MA from Jadavpur University.